Iniziati i lavori per la riqualificazione dell’area centrale del Comune.

L’intervento riguarda il completo rifacimento delle pavimentazioni, sia carrabili, che pedonali, al fine di creare un vero e proprio tappeto urbano, che possa invitare alla “funzione dello stare” nell’ambiente urbano.
The project is a second extract of a wider project path that takes its cue with an initiative of competition of ideas undertaken by the municipal administration of Fucecchio in 2008 and concerning a series of interventions, which will promote the redevelopment of the central area of the Municipality. The interventions will be innovative in respect of the “historical” elements that will remain of contour and that, for their architectural value and testimonial, will preserved. All the elements that, over the years, have been stratified in a disordered way (some elements of urban furniture, flooring, etc.). The project also pursues the objective of restoring the architectural decoration that the square had until the post-war period, in order to update the original architectural themes to a modernism not in fashion but rather innovating both from a plant point that a functional urban space that will thus have to withstand the signs of the weather. An urban space so renewed in the intentions of the Administration must therefore act as a driving force for a more general rebirth of the city center of Fucecchio.

Fucecchio – Fi, Italy
Municipality of Fucecchio
2015 – in progress
1.500 mq
€ 1.300.000,00
Concept, developed and technical design, construction supervision
Architectural design
Arx srl, H21